»Comparing apples
and oranges is my
daily bread.«

Juli Gudehus

»2d kisses 3d« | method workshop

Those who are designing in the third dimension automatically need to deal with the two-dimensional as well. And the other way round. The flat and the corporal influence, quote and simulate each other. 

2d and 3d flirt with each other. They touch and embrace, begin to merge. Say, the face between 2d and 3d, the interface, is it a face in it’s own? An independent one? Or is it a Janus face? What kind of intermediate world does it belong to? This method workshop is about taking measurements together in an unorthodox way.

When doing so, sense and senses are our instruments. We explore the intersection between the classical turfs of product designers and communication designers. Whithin this field we conciously and deliberately move along the surface and repeatedly go more in-depth. We will come along typography, colours, signs, decoration, arrangement, orientation, identity, and a couple of sub-aspects such as distinction, understanding, trust, conventions, value, and presentation.

Why, where and how are graphic elements like type, pictograms, logos, or patterns materialised and applied? Why, where and how are screens, LEDs, displays and the like being integrated? We will find how meaning, information, and function complement and influence each other in various ways in various contexts. 

We rob things of their two-dimensional garments and accessories and robe them anew. We shed a light on transfers, derivations and transformations from 2d to 3d and back by depiction, abstraction, cross-section, folding, embossing, shadowing, optical illusion et cetera. We observe the ping-pong between the graphical and the physical – and we join into the game for a little while.


Practical tasks alternate with theoretical digressions and short presentations. The participants work in groups, in two and on their own on what I bring and on what they bring. We observe, ask questions and experience how what belongs to what, what inspires confidence, what is important, what is coherent, chic, fun, et cetera.


Basic understanding of potential and problems of graphical aspects in the design of products and rooms. Awareness of the capabilities and knowledge required hereby. Competence of judging ones own competences and where it might be wise to get professional product designers and communication designers on board. Sagacity of how good she or he is. Conceptual starting points for one’s own work. Alertness for inspirational sources that emanate from the encounter of the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional.

I am looking forward to come to your university, studio, institution, company. Just send me a mail so we can arrange details and dates.

Nothing is certain and not even that is certain.

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