»Comparing apples
and oranges is my
daily bread.«

Juli Gudehus

Affirmation (for M.)

Over the years I talked with M. about healing sentences off and on. We read about it first in Louise L. Hay’s book »Heal Your Body« (1984). Later we became aware of the fact that the basic idea is age-old: prayers and mantras serve healing, cognition, and epiphany. We both experienced the power of wording what should manifest in our futures.

Such sentences can be immaterial – it helps already to repeat them to yourself. Each day, every hour, every week or at certain occasions. But even so such sentences can be mounted as a hint in one’s own field of view or can be carried around like charms.

This time we talked extensively about a certain difficulty that M. had had for a long time already. At the end of our conversation she succeeded to phrase an affirmation for herself in the near future. The deep affinity between us gave me the impulse to materialize it for her. In a way that she could place it in her personal sphere: discreetfully rolled-up or eye-catchingly rolled out. Or just the cut out letters as a memo for her and a puzzle for others.