»Comparing apples
and oranges is my
daily bread.«

Juli Gudehus


Colours make me glad. If there was a device that could measure my mood, some kind of barometer of emotion, I am certain that the sight of particular colours and combinations of colours would always give positive readings. 

Over the years, I discovered that I in fact love all colours. There isn’t a single colour I don’t like. The effect of colours hinges on their quantity, consistency, combination and position. Some colours though, always make my heart leap for joy – regardless of the circumstances.

I am happy to have met a number of people with names of colours: a Bianca, a Cyane, a Violetta, a Lila, two Rosas, one Nero and one Bruno.

For me, colours are a magical and powerful element of creation, no matter whether subversive or straightforward, traditional or unconventional. The subject of colour is an wide, exciting field, not only for me. I long to work in fields of colour – purple lavender, red roses and yellow rape fields. I could clear my head, and take the vibrant colours as balm for my soul.