»Comparing apples
and oranges is my
daily bread.«

Juli Gudehus

toilet paper – design for the arse • an exhibition

I collect. This has already led to many of my works. My collection of toilet paper from all over the world comprises 2,022 copies by now. 

The beginning of the Corona time saw a veritable run on this supposedly so mundane consumer item. So I finally opened my treasure chest and started a series on YouTube, in which I think aloud about all kinds of creative excesses and highlight various factors that may have an influence on design decisions, section by section. The media response was enormous.

Some of my originals from 50 years and from all over the world, were on display at the Muse­um im Adler in sou­thern Ger­ma­ny in a solo exhibition. 

Arranged by theme, you could see fascinating colours, quirky messages, fluffy animals and other excerpts from my 67 sections. In addition, my 39 YouTube videos were running non-stop.

Various background information on history and environmental aspects was provided, some qualities could be experienced haptically and you could design toilet paper yourself.