»Comparing apples
and oranges is my
daily bread.«

Juli Gudehus

»fancy fences« | method workshop

Fences seem to spring up like mushrooms nowadays. In neighborhoods, around construction sites, between countries. Politically, it is an explosive topic. At the same time, it is aesthetically fascinating. 

Fences have both 2d and 3d aspects. They can be perceived as drawings in the air. They cast shadows, keep out, keep in, look friendly or martial. They can be made of a wide variety of materials. They can have a certain style, can perform other functions. On closer inspection, fence-like elements also exist in packaging design, in dentistry, in fashion …

My other workshop »2d kisses 3d« might be a sensible continuation.


Practical tasks alternate with theoretical digressions and short presentations. The participants work in groups, in twos and on their own, on things brought either by me or by them. 


Basic understanding of the potential and problems in the design of fences. Awareness of the aspects, capabilities and knowledge required hereby. Awareness of inspirational sources that emanate from the encounters between the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional.


I am looking forward to come to your academy. Just send me a mail so we can arrange details and dates.

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