»Comparing apples
and oranges is my
daily bread.«

Juli Gudehus

Genesis, Patmos edition

In 2016 Burkhard Menke had the idea to publish my »Genesis« at Patmos. 2017 would be it’s 25th anniversary, and what is more, this coincided with the year of Luther’s 500st birthday. I was delighted by this opportune idea and agreed immediately. 

During one of our first discussions, Burkhard told me that the so-called »Einheitsübersetzung« (unitary translation) of the Bible had recently been carefully adapted to better suit modern audiences. He asked whether I could imagine similarly revising my »Genesis«? He sent me the new unitary translation text and I was thunderstruck! It hadn’t been at all carefully adapted. Everything was different now! Why? It turned out this was the catholic Bible translation, and I had used the protestant one. I did not even know that several different translations existed. I had assumed that the German-speaking world only uses Luther’s translation. 

I solved the task by integrating the novelties of the revised 2016 edition of Luther’s translation into my already partly-shortened version. This entailed further deliberations on alterations. Which signs occured after 1992 and would be good to include in the new version? From a design perspective, I definitely had my plate full! 

Just as you can never step in the same river twice, you make different decisions from one day to the next as your mood and thoughts are constantly in flux. Especially over a period of 25 years! It is not at all easy to stand by the creative decisions made by a 25-year-younger version of myself! In the end, I couldn’t resist the temptation of re-doing the whole thing.

The older and newer versions are now worlds apart. You can expect fine old wine in brand new bottles!

»Gudehus’ depiction in single images can be opposed to Michelangelo’s fresco »The Creation of Adam«, with the famous touch of God’s finger. 

Hans-Jörg Gabler, kath.ch

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