»Comparing apples
and oranges is my
daily bread.«

Juli Gudehus

»lore and order« | method workshop

Sorting helps to tame confusing diversity, which we come to face very often in our work as designers. As soon as there are three of a kind comparisons suggest themselves. What is different, what belongs together, what do they have in common? »According to their kinds« – God’s refreshingly simple approach in the creation of the universe gives clarity, structure, and good ideas. Almost automatically design possibilities and necessities show up. »A good order is half the designing.« Could it be as simple as that? Yes!

We live in a time and in a world of increasing plethora. Infinitely much showers us without cease – both analog and digitally. The capability of recognizing and creating connections and orders gives us poise and orientation, though always only partially and temporarily. »Order donors are creators of meaning.«, says Juli Zeh. God was aware of that when she created the cosmos. Before she created anything she ended chaos: she matched same and same and provided a place for everything. The greek word »cosmos« by the way translates with »order«. And there we have the hub of this method workshop. 

In the course of this method workshop we collect what is available. We compare apples and oranges and separate the wheat from the chaff. We categorise, sort, and arrange. We start with obvious and standard sorting methods, continue with unusual criteria and end up with absurd ones. We experience how »just« that can build a reliable base for a whole creative worklife. Thus we discover what is »normal« and how unconventional our own designs are in comparison. We reduce complexity by structuring and evaluating, we set the course for our creative work. Collecting and sorting proves to be as a fascinating, both archaic and refreshing method for gaining insights.


Practical tasks alternate with theoretical digressions and short presentations. The participants work in groups, in two and on their own on what I bring and on what they bring. Individual perceiving and making come hand in hand with analysing and reflecting.


Installation of a personal range of sorting methods as a stimulus for future projects and as an intelligent equipment for efficient work. Gain of clarity, precision, and structure in thinking and practice. Basic understanding of how a wise combination of the open and the playful can bear estonishing fruit. Expansion of consciousness for the fireworks of conceptual and creative possibilities that the basic activities of collecting and sorting can ignite. 


I am looking forward to come to your university, studio, institution, company. Just send me a mail so we can arrange details and dates.

I had a lot of fun. All day long. I liked how everything took place. And that in the beginning it seemed to be almost too simple and then I understood that there is much more behind it.

Konstanze, bachelor student, Krefeld

Only in the afternoon the penny dropped at last for me. In the morning I wondered what all of that has to do with design. But then I realised: you won’t realise it other than by doing what we did. I find that everything was super prepared and super structured. For me it was a good mix of do-it-yourself and theory.

Lena, bachelor student, Krefeld

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