»Comparing apples
and oranges is my
daily bread.«

Juli Gudehus


Over the years, I have found and received many postcards – and still do. I split them into oblong thirds, and recombine them into new, profane trinities. 1 : 3 + 21

Many of the postcard pictures are somehow classic, stereotypical, or clichéd. To undermine or subvert these impressions always excites me. Other designs are so individual that a recombination of their parts challenges me in a very different way. Planning in that respect, is not possible, as their collection – or rather: accumulation – is not one that I can steer.

Most of the postcard-thirds sleep a deep sleep, until they let themselves pair with a second third. Only rarely are there encounters with a third third that sustain a lasting match. Or even seem to demand one.

I am delighted each time to see how elements, lines or contents, colours or accents displace or overrule the clearcut divides. This work is my personal »solitaire«. It is not unlike puzzling or gambling. There is something meditative about it, and it sharpens my perception in its very own way.

I take the (fragmented) titles of the respective three-pieces from the printed front or handwritten (and printed) back.

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