»Comparing apples
and oranges is my
daily bread.«

Juli Gudehus

typography for art

Art needs typography when text is integral to a single piece, to a series, or to an oeuvre. A word, a sentence, a text needs an appearance. Needs a typeface. Maybe several typefaces. Which one, which ones? This question opens up a broad range of typographical possibilities.

Each typeface has it’s individual character, creates a certain atmosphere, opens association areas and communicates subtexts. These can be used for the intended message and impression – or can interfere with them involuntary. Paul Watzlawick says: One cannot not communicate. That goes for type as well and in it’s very own way. So caution and a sure feeling are advised here.

Art furthermore needs typography when the own work needs to be communicated by a website, a catalogue, an invite or a newsletter. Both at choosing a designer and at working together with her or him some basic typographical knowledge proves to be an asset.

advice and support

I am looking forward to giving you advice and support along your project from chosing fonts, via typography to physical realisation. My expertise bases on long years of experience in typography, language, and design in the field of art. 

If needed I can recommend and place excellent type designers to you that are capable to develop a font that suits your wishes and requirements. And reliable craftspeople who are competent to help fabricating your work.

Just send me a mail so we can arrange details and dates.

In my eyes, making art is very often about something that you don’t know.

Lawrence Weiner

Learn to recognise when you need to know something.

Bruce Nauman