»Comparing apples
and oranges is my
daily bread.«

Juli Gudehus

What are the tell-tale signs of an intelligent solution?

It appears that there are no intelligence tests for design. Nor are there any other measurement tools. In our day and age, numbers and calculability play a major role. Perhaps it is therefore a good thing that no measuring tape exists with a scale to communicate value. Instead, we have discourse. It is possible to talk about design qualities in detail and in general, whether in in small, or in larger groups.

How does a design influence my life, or our social coexistence? Does it help to save nerves, time, ressources and / or energy? Does it make it easier for me to help or to be more tolerant? Does a design move me? Does it provoke thoughts, or lift my mood?

It is not easy to put one’s own perception of design into words. Making judgements is even more difficult. This not only applies to many budding designers, but very often to their commissioners. Being able to discuss design amounts to a considerable opportunity. Through regular, nuanced discussions about our perceptions, we can keep our view fresh and our judgements meaningful. It’s good to talk.