»Comparing apples
and oranges is my
daily bread.«

Juli Gudehus


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In my method workshops the way is the goal. In Greek, the word for the way, »hodós,« forms part of the word for method. »Approach« would perhaps be an appropriate translation.

The metaphor of the way is a wonderful one in the context of creative work. Time and again we have to deal with finding and opening ways. When we explore unfamiliar terrain, we immediately want to know: which methods exist already, how are things usually used? et cetera – where are the streets, where are unknown trails? and where is terra incognita? Can we foresee the length or state of the way? Where does it lead us? What will we encounter? What can, or should our pace be? Do we walk alone? with others? with whom? Where should we start? and with what? What’s to be done if we get lost? How determined are we? What prospects propel us on our journey? Are we ready for adventures?

Whether as a novelty during studies, or as an impulse during professional daily life, a (reminder of) a certain structured approach to thinking and making, can work miracles. Working becomes delightful (again).

Some of my workshops are destillates of my teaching. These are the topics I offer at present:

»2D kisses 3D«

»lore and order«

»signs of life«

»RTFM – Read The Friendly Manual«

»playing & rules«

»typography for artists«

»We need to talk.«

All of my method workshops are adaptable between two and five days. Groups of 9 – 12 participants are ideal, both in terms of the intensity and dynamic of the workshops and the long-term learning impact. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

The two days were great. Stimulating. Really broadening my horizons. Fact: it is worth taking a closer look – even at the little or banal things – and it is worth asking good questions. I would have needed something like this workshop at the beginning of my studies. 

Christian, master student, Münster

I was pushed several times to my limits, which I didn’t expect. And I wouldn’t have thought that I could dare to go that far. I was out of my comfort zone. That was really good and useful. Intensive.

Lena, bachelor student, Bielefeld

Juli is so super and inspiring. I always remember her ingenious being and thoughts. We need more people like her.

Henriette, master student, Dessau