»Comparing apples
and oranges is my
daily bread.«

Juli Gudehus

It's an art to be wrong in the right place.

This is my credo and my life experience. Oddly enough, I feel most comfortable betwixt and between. This took me a while to understand. I always had the impression that others »need« to be able to classify people clearly. 

And then one day whilst I was standing in a small group at an opening, someone said to me: »Actually, I don’t know what you do exactly …?« And before I could take breath, before I could mumble something out of embarrassment, an artist friend standing next to me said enthusiastically: »Wow, fantastic!« I was thunderstruck, and left it at that. I suddenly understood how fantastic it is to operate betwixt and between usual classifications. How often have I benefited from not belonging to the establishment, from not being an expert, and thus being able to see things and contexts with fresh eyes and tackle them with a good portion of freedom and carefreeness! 

I hereby hand over this sentence to you with the greatest pleasure. May it bring good impulses to your life. Sorry, no English version for the stickers available yet! For a custom-made variation in another size just send me a mail.

Your every day life offers plenty of chances for implementing this memo. Maybe you wish to give this positioning device to someone else?

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