»Comparing apples
and oranges is my
daily bread.«

Juli Gudehus

the secret

This poster is based on a contribution for The Creator Studio magazine, edited by La Habitación Ediciones, Barcelona.

About five years previously, for a period of maybe a week, under circumstances that do not particularly matter, I was lucky enough to share a great secret – the secret of divine inspiration. 

I experienced extreme clarity and openness, a deep and mighty flow. I felt as if I were radiating with every fibre, as if every pore was receptive. I was enlightened by a sudden, fundamental understanding.Everything seemed to be possible. 

At that time, I tried to capture the secret by putting together these three images with the corresponding text. When I did this, the message was absolutely clear to me. The images and the text seemed to be an utterly precise résumé of the secret. I could read it, and I was able to explain it to other people. I thought it would serve in the future as a key that would help me open the door again. I was positive that it would always be as clear to me as on the first day. 

But: it isn’t anymore. Confusingly, it was ME, I myself, who knew the secret once. And now I cannot recall it. There is nothing but a faint notion that I was very lucky to have glanced through a slightly opened door. But sometimes the secret comes back to me – less mighty, less fundamental, but still golden and rich.

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