»Comparing apples
and oranges is my
daily bread.«

Juli Gudehus

»Talk is golden.« | method workshop

It is anything but easy to express one’s own perception of a design. Judging is even more difficult. This goes not only for many (prospective) designers, but also for their clients. There is no ruler with which to measure the value of a design. I consider this to be a big chance. The more we find differentiated ways to talk about what we perceive, the more alert our sights, and the more knowledgeable our judgement. On both sides. Talking is golden.

That is why, in this method workshop, we weigh our words. We talk about designs of all kinds, be they unremarkable or exceptional, simple or complex. We adopt various perspectives, we test, we examine features, effects, and contexts. We consider adequacy, we think aloud, and we question facts. 

We practise both unemotional perception, and purely individual opinion – and try to distinguish consciously and wisely between the two. We note what of the two we can put into words, and ponder how we can say it matter-of-factly and respectfully. We also consider to whom we can say this. Offering criticism requires practise, and it is helpful to be able to advertise yourself and your work. 

Language acquisition means acquiring the world – including our professional world. More clearly worded tasks increase the probability of a fruitful cooperation with better results. Being able to talk and write expertly about design benefits both clients and designers. It also increases the esteem and understanding of design in general.


Practical tasks alternate with theoretical digressions and short presentations. The participants work in groups, in twos and on their own, on things brought either by me or by them. We will describe, paraphrase, talk, and listen to each other in many different ways. We perceive, read, feel, try, and discuss. The playful and the serious go hand in hand.


Increased consciousness and enrichment of the individual verbal instrumentarium. An infusion of awareness of problems, gain of insights, sophistication and sagacity. Training in sorting out requirements and circumstances to (help to) define a task that allows adequate design work. Training of language capabilities to take a position with integrity and to convince with coherent arguments.


I am looking forward to come to your university, studio, institution, company. Just send me a mail so we can arrange details and dates.

I found this workshop extremely enriching. We had a closer look on how we communicate. My take-away is that I should talk more in general. This is much more important than I thought. And I should think more often about how I express something. But mainly I really should talk more.

Sarah, master student, Bielefeld

This workshop was quite an initiator for me. Intense. What I will certainly integrate into my future life is the sender-receiver check. »Was what I said really heard and understood? … Everybody is responsible for ensuring this. I realised that I make many unfounded assumptions. I intend to be more mindful in this respect from now on.

Lea, master student, Bielefeld

I am quite amazed at how much I have to say. Even about things where I thought there is not much to say. It is worth having a close look and asking good questions.

Julia, master student, Bielefeld

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